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Can You Really Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Skin?

We've heard in and around that apple cider vinegar is good for digestion, clearing up any infections, and boosts weight loss, but that's all internal stuff.  What about topically? Would it be any help for the skin? or would it be too harsh?


We're here to let you know that it is just as good on your skin as it is when you ingest it! Something so simple (of course, we recommend using organic apple cider vinegar) can be so effective in so many ways.  Not only does it improve normal common daily things such as leg cramps, sore throats, indigestion, and swelling, it's also a great way to fight infections such as acne, or any inflammation on the skin.  It might be a bit harsh on the skin, so we at Viva Health has mixed it in with our ultra light and sensitive Prebiotic Bio Foaming Cleanser!



Our Prebiotic Bio Foaming Cleanser is seriously one heck of a cleanser! It uses apple cider vinegar to balance out any irregular inflammation, swelling or just all out sensitive skin in general.  Apple Cider Vinegar is light enough to ingest internally, so why not on the skin! In addition to all its benefits, we added in Potato enzymes and oat protein to help stimulate the pre biotic enzymes to really "cleanse" your skin if you will.  If you think about it, potatoes and oatmeal is a soothing food ingredient that helps settle the stomach, so retroactively, it equally helps balance and "calms" the skin of any irritation or inflammation.  Hence why it's so awesome for sensitive skin! We also use Aloe Vera and Chrysanthemum, both very soothing plants, to help calm down any sensitive skin.  This product comes in the form of a foaming agent, so really a great product that you can spread around the face or use as a body wash.  Some guys that have bought this product said it was so great and silky on the skin, they even use it to shave! 

Article written by Victoria Wong

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