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Simply Clear Acne: Goodbye For Now

Dear Valuable Consumers:

With regret, we strive for transparency to our consumers so we are disclosing a memo we sent to our retailers, with a few edits to suit the Consumer and not the Retailer, in regards to our Simply Clear Acne line and our phase out of the use of plastics.



July 23, 2014


Thank you for your continued support with Viva Health Products skincare.  We value our customers in their education and knowledge of products that are not only natural, but effective.  We hold the highest esteem on maintaining our skincare line as both natural and Canadian made with the best most effective raw materials. Unfortunately, with integrity of our brand producing natural products, come some setbacks and fulfillment of products.


Effective August 1st, 2014, we will be phasing out our Simply Clear Acne line.  It has been a fight to the end with this line, however, for now, we need to pool our resources and focus on our main line.  Consumers online can still purchase this line for a limited time – for the whole duration of August.  After such time, we will no longer be producing the product and it will be discontinued on our website.  Our retailers will also have the same window of time to purchase the Simply Clear Acne Line to stock their shelves until the product is all sold.  Please check with your nearest retailer to see if they carry the product.


Additionally, to save on waste production and our own carbon footprint, and the use of plastic in general, we will be phasing out shrink bands to our products.  Viva is moving into a greener approach, to match our ideologies the same with our products and with our company.  All our products will be housed in packaged paper boxes to ensure quality and safety just like our shrink bands have done in the past. 


We appreciate your understanding of the changes to come with Viva and we are grateful for the amount of patience and loyalty displayed.  We want to continue to provide safe, honest, and effective skin care without compromising our products.


If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!


Warm Regards,


Viva Health Products

Article written by Victoria Wong

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