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Seasonal Allergies - Viva can help!

In the last 10 years, i've developed a on and off relationship with allergies.  If I do get it that year, it's always early Spring.  When it comes, I can barely see through my eyes.  Here are a few things i've learned throughout my 10 year stint that has helped subdue and make my working life a little bit easier:

According to naturopathic doctor Tracey Beaulne of Naturopathic Family Medicine in Toronto, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, reaching for probiotics, such as acidophilus, should be one of your first preventative steps. Beyond the fact that all stomachs can benefit from the boost probiotics lend to digestion and immunity, they can also influence the immune system and potentially correct the root cause of allergic reactions.

Allergens can cause certain cells in the body to produce histamine, which is responsible for common seasonal complaints like tearing, excess mucus and a runny nose. Adding Vitamin C to your daily vitamins intake prevents the formation of histamine when compared to the typical OTC options, which work by interfering with the histamine after it’s produced. For best results, take it with bioflavonoids throughout the day, and aim for 2,000 mg daily for immune support.

Topically, i'd recommend using a gel substance around the eyes.  Gel's typically helps with cooling the eyes with inflammation (caused by the allergies) and helps bring down the swelling.  I'd definitely recommend our Viva Revitalizing Eye Gel! It helps cool the area around the eyes, and provides ample antioxidants from goji berries! 


We have just released our Bio Brightening C Serum that has just hit the shelves at our local retailers! It's a Vitamin C Serum that helps with hyper pigmentation, boosts collagen production and leaves the skin super bright and supple! It's loaded with Vitamin C which is good topically AND internally.  

Be prepared for the allergy attacks! 

Article written by Victoria Wong

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