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Vitamin C Serum receiving great feedback!

We are so excited to say that our Bio Brightening Vitamin C Serum has had great feedback and responses! It definitely has been a hit since our launch in May and many people have come back telling us that their complexion has brightened and their skin is softer than ever! Some even use the excess amount on their hands and they've seen great improvement on their hands where they use to suffer from eczema and dry skin! 

Pharmasave Nanaimo's Cosmetic Manager, Beryl Feser, wrote a fantastic write up in the paper on our Vitamin C serum and it's been such a great hit! she has people pre ordering before the stock even comes in the doors! Here is what she has to say about our Bio Brightening Vitamin C Serum:

"Bio Brightening C Serum, the newest launch from Richmond based Viva Health Organic Skincare is a much sought after addition to this wonderful natural skincare line as it combats the signs of aging with its 10% concentration of Vitamin C.

Young skin is full of Vitamin C but as we age we lose this nutrient from our bodies.  Other factors like exposure to UV light, pollutants and exposure to cigarette smoke accelerate the decline of Vitamin C.  The good news is that you can fight back by replenishing your skin's Vitamin C levels to reverse time's effect on your face.  Stabilizing your skin's levels of Vitamin C can help to counteract wrinkle formation by increasing collagen production.  Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant shown to reduce the number of sun damaged cells.  It is by no means a replacement for sunscreen but can repair UV damage (brown spots and patches) and fine lines.

Topical Vitamin C can be confusing.  Look for products containing up to 10% of Vitamin C and include the active ingredient ascorbic acid orL-ascorbic acid.

Watch carefully for counterfeit Vitamin C products and purchase only from reputable Canadian companies.

Apply once a day at night time on clean exfoliated skin. In addition of Viva Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum will give you the ultimate in moisturizing and protection of your delicate facial skin."

Thank you Beryl for all the compliments and a plethora of information about good Vitamin C! 

Article written by Victoria Wong

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