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Sunscreen. Are you Covered?

Why are we writing about sunscreens? Especially since the media, your doctor and everyone else you know says you should use sunscreen, and also concedes that the higher numbers equal better protection. You head over to the pharmacy, the big box store or anyplace else that might sell sunscreens....especially if it is priced right.

Wrong. Many of those sunscreens that you just bought or are considering to buy, at those above mentioned places are nothing but toxic to you, the ones you are trying to protect, as well as  the environment.

Many of the ingredients are damaging to the immune system, will turn into estrogens in the body which disrupt hormones, allergic reactions can occur most of all, the chemical burden to the organs can actually cause cancer. The chemicals break down with exposure to the sunlight and then absorb into the bloodstream.

Most of you want the higher SPF in your sunscreen.  This is actually more harmful than beneficial. The SPF is actually more for blocking of UVB which causes redness and burning.  You sit in the sun longer and don't feel the damage done by the UVA.  This is a much deeper penetrating ray and the lack of protection from your sunscreen, gets deeper into the skin and will cause aging, cancer and organ damage.  The SPF should be no more than 50 and the healthier alternative is available at your health food store. These should be applied more often but there is no chemical burden to the body and will be more beneficial in the long run.

Babies and children should not be using any form of a chemical sunscreen due to its high toxic effect and only healthy sunscreens be applied. 

Even during cold dreary days and you feel like sunscreen is not needed, that is when you need it MOST because the weather doesn't spell out sunshine doesn't mean it isn't less damaging to the skin. 

For the most "natural" sunscreen you can get, look for products that have active ingredients (the purpose of the product) such as zinc oxide and titanium oxide. They are natural minerals that shield's UVA/UVB rays thus helping to prevent UVA/UVB rays from harming your skin. We advise to cover up rather than rely on sunshine but even with the biggest brimmed hats, sun rays can still come through! 


right: The Perfect Sunscreen - Consonant      left: BioVera Sunscreen

Viva is coming out with an sunscreen for the face that is all natural, but has the texture and consistency of a serum that is spreadable, leaving no white residue or clogging of pores. A hard feat but we are actively working on it! In the mean time, we definitely recommend consonant skincare's "the perfect sunscreen" spf 30 or Bio Vera's sunscreen that is SPF 30 as well. 

Article written by Victoria Wong

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