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A Testimonial on Viva's Amaze Exfoliating Gel from a valued customer.


A Testimonial on Viva's Amaze Exfoliating Gel from a valued customer.

I have had psoriasis for a number of years and spend a lot of time attempting to manage and control it. I must pull, scrub, and rub my skin everyday in the shower in order to keep from looking flaky, cracked and rough. This process is especially damaging to the sensitive skin on my face. Until I found this product however, this was the least damaging of all my options. It is a new thing for me to be able to use a product that smoothes my skin and removes all of the flaking without irritating or physically damaging the skin underneath. It is equally novel to be able to go into public confident that my skin looks healthy and plump. I can not begin to express how life changing this has been for me, especially during the winter months when my skin is at its worst. I wish you had a similar product for the body, as I know it would aid in my recovery if the medicine could penetrate the healthy skin. I hope this is on your agenda. Also, I go through this product incredibly quickly as I use it twice a day, and so would love to see a larger size. Thank you very much for providing a product of such high quality. I can assure you that it has made a phenomenal positive impact on my life. It is nice to know that despite the pain, and humiliation of this disease, I have one secret up my sleeve to pull me from my gloom, and make me feel beautiful.


Rosanna Jackson
Smithers, BC

Article written by Tina Lagaya