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Another testimonial from a valued customer

Another testimonial from a valued customer:

I am not sure if this is a business you can go to or if they are purely mail-order, but what is clear is that this local company makes incredible, natural, organic skin-care products that are out-...of-this-world good.
You know what else is clear?
My skin, that's what.
I got a sample of the "Amaze Gel" and put off using it for a while... until I was going to run myself an evening (likely a Saturday, knowing me) mani-pedi-exfoliation marathon.
I started using the gel and immediately felt this rush in my body, a sense of blood filling the valves and ventricles of my lonely heart... "Egads," I thought. "This may be The Holy Grail of skin-care products. It is time to drink this moment in. Drink, deep."
  You start by spreading a really thin layer on your skin and wait about 15 seconds and then start making small circles, as though you were rubbing it in. Which you aren't; rather, you are rubbing off dead skin. Little pulpy balls of the "cornified:" (their word, not mine). layer of dermis. If you get a thrill out of sanding wood or vacuuming, you may appreciate the experience of this manner of exfoliation.
It doesn't hurt, it doesn't sting, it has no odour. They recommend you use it every day for three months and then reduce frequency. After 5 days I noticed a considerable difference, though the first few days were a bit rough. It was as though my pores were purging. Which again, if you like vacuuming... you may enjoy this process.
The texture of my skin is really much more even now. My skin hasn't dried out, in fact, I think my skin is accepting moisturizer and other skin potions better. (I also started using their skin cream - paraben-free!) It's more gentle than exfoliating with something abrasive and yet far, far more effective.
It is a bit expensive but it works. I have yet to spring for the giant container but find the small size ($10, about the size of a jar of lip balm) lasts a lot longer than you'd think.  My skin is behaving itself when I use it, which is all I can ask for. I've turned four (3 girls, one guy) people onto it and they all love it too.
Rachel F.
Vancouver, BC

Article written by Tina Lagaya