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Fresh Face Spotlight - All about Ashleigh Charity

Fresh Face Update - It’s all about Mom!
As we have been following the athletic highlights and accomplishments from our Fresh Face Ambassador “Ashleigh Charity”, we thought with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it would be a perfect time of year to celebrate that Ashleigh is a new Mom to adorable little Jaxson!   We are in love!
As with being a Mom, it takes hours of selflessness and organization to take care of the little one’s daily needs, and in addition, managing a thriving riding stable business and supporting the dreams of students and clients. What do you have after that? One busy Mom!  Our hats are off to you Ashleigh and all the horse show Moms, hockey Moms, dance Moms and all Moms supporting the dreams and development of the youth of today!
New View stables has already started off with a bang this year by competing in the HITS  Coachella Desert Circuit early this year. Now with show season in full swing, they will be competing at Spruce Meadows, Rocky Mountain Show Jumping and Thunderbird Show Park all this month alone! Ashleigh is also very excited to be debuting a new young five year old horse this season as well as showing her amazing star horse, “Air Ride”.  We can’t wait to see the action shots on these!
To celebrate all the Moms out there behind the scenes, Viva Health Skincare will be sharing the Viva love with samples and coupons for the Month of May for the barn Moms at New View Stables, Flying Changes Stables and various horse shows, hockey and dance Moms behind the scenes and if you would also like to try Viva Health Skincare just contact our head office for one on one phone consultations!
With the hectic schedule of being a Mom, sometimes finding time to take care of yourself takes a back seat and one of the first things that can get overlooked is drinking enough water.  So we are keeping it simple for our tips today!  Hydrate hydrate hydrate - inside and out! 
Adding vitamin C crystals to your water and drinking through out the day will boost antioxidants and hydration internally and if you only have time for one item of skincare be sure to reach for your Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum!  Not only does this silky serum help to build and protect skin structure but it soothes tired eyes and deeply hydrates the face and it is perfect for under sunscreen and makeup and will keep your skin hydrated through out the day!  
But we encourage you to take the extra couple of minutes to be consistent with your full skincare system of Cleansing, deeply hydrating (Hyaluronic Acid Serum), nourishing with antioxidants (Amaze Cream or Concentrated Antioxidant Serum) for the day and then repairing at night with the powerful combo of Hyluronic Acid and Bio Brightening C Serum (this combo brightens, builds collagen and protects).  And for deep exfoliating even once a week it takes no time to switch out your daily cleanser with the Amaze Exfoliating Gel for a oh-so-satisfying exfoliation to encourage new cell renewal and reveal bright fresh skin!
So once again thank you to all you Moms out there who tirelessly support, encourage, organize, drive, cheer, console and celebrate…  You are the true superstars!

Article written by Victoria Wong

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