Our Scientific Process

Our scientific technology is the drive behind our unique products making them difficult to be replicated by other companies in the industry. This is mainly owing to the Co-founder, Jimmy’s invention and technology of his own filter spin system which is owned by Viva.

When water arrives at our laboratory, using the technology designed by Jimmy, we process the water, and break down the water molecule size. The texture of regular tap water and Viva filtered water are easily distinguishable from one another and result in more effective hydration in comparison to other oil-based skincare products.

The smaller water molecules penetrate deeper skin levels and more efficiently delivering ingredients further into the skin while feeling luxurious, silky and cooling.

east Meets West

SCIEntific process

Award winning products

Our Unique Ingredients

In Viva, we do intensive research to ensure the sustainable sourcing of our ingredients. We work directly with farmers from their local origins across the world, aiming to integrate the highest quality in our products while supporting other small and local businesses globally such as those in South Korea, Switzerland, and Japan, just to name a few.

“West meets East”, a unique formula created by Viva. By learning and implementing traditional Oriental knowledge and Western Knowledge in our ingredients, process and products, we can achieve a balance between the two family of ingredients resulting in maximized effects!

Western ingredients such as DMAE, CQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and so on, fused with traditional Chinese ingredients such as Ginseng, angelica, green tea, and peach tree sap, Dong Quai, enable us to deliver leading-edge formulas such as our Prebiotic Bio Foaming cleanser, specifically designed for problematic skin.