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Summer Skincare 101: What you need to know for perfect glowing skin this season

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Our summer skincare mantra: less is more. When daydreaming of hot sunny summer, you are probably thinking of tanned, smooth, and glowing skin… the last thing anyone is looking for is clogged pores, a dull complexion and especially dreaded “masne”! In addition, excessive sun exposure can lead to premature aging, sunburns, and excess sweat. Here are our top 4 tips to prepare you for the perfect summertime skin:

  • Summer glowing skin starts during winter:

With an optimal skincare routine that suits your skin needs throughout the year, healthy skin should be able to adjust to changing climate without majorly changing your skincare routine. Overprotecting the skin with super rich creams can sometimes make skin a little “lazy” (for a lack of better words), as the excess of overly rich products can sometimes do all the hard work, without giving your skin a chance to adjust itself, unless you suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema-prone skin. Which leads to our next point…

  • Small changes make the world of a difference:

Just like you probably would not wear a wool sweater in the middle of July, tweaking a few skincare products during the summer season would be more than plenty for the perfect glow. If you use a milk cleanser, perhaps switch to a gel or foaming cleanser, and more light-weight moisturizers.

  • Sunburns are a no-no:

As much as summer is synopsis to long days spent in the sun, our biggest tip is staying cool in the shade… minimize your skin’s sun exposure and avoid burning at all costs! Tanned skin is usually a sign of cellular damage, which is also synopsis with premature aging and a “weathered” complexion (pone intended).

  • Fight pigmentation with antioxidants:

Irregular hyperpigmentation can sometimes worsen during the summer months, unfortunately, even after all the great sun protection. Therefore, we recommend a great high-grade vitamin C serum that protects against the appearance of fine lines, helps stimulate collagen production and prevents pigmentation. Another great anti-pigment ingredient is Kojic Acid that not only contains antimicrobial properties but is primarily used to lighten visible signs of sun damage and age spots.  

Here are some of our top summer skincare routines for your skin type:

Dry Skin:

Oily Skin:

Hyperpigmented Skin:


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