Our Mission

Viva Health Skincare is committed to your health, your well-being and your skin

The Woman Behind The Brand, Amy Wong

Amy Wong is a mother, grandmother, wife, refugee and co-founder of Viva Health Skincare, a Canadian brand. Her story, represent a generation of Vietnamese-Canadians who are survivors of war who sought opportunities in a new country and thrived. Amy’s childhood experiences taught her to be fearless. She is never afraid to tackle any obstacles that come her way. 

Amy’s career started in nutritional supplements, drawing on her knowledge of natural ingredients and Jimmy’s background in health technology therefore In 2001, they established Viva Health Skincare, after formulating a product that helped their daughter’s acne-related issues and Jimmy's severe Eczema.

Their mission was to create a skincare line that was natural, toxin Free and can be used by anyone, even those with the most sensitive skin. 

"I want to give them the confidence they need to face the world. Confidence is the fuel we need to tackle problems without fear. Confidence also leads to the belief that we can do anything. That’s what I want to share with the world, my two daughters and my grandkids. That they are capable of anything as long as they trust they have the ability to overcome all obstacles." - Amy Wong

EAst meets west ingredients

Partners with local and global farmers

scientific process

Leading-edge technology

Award-Winning Products

Unique Process, Unique Ingredients & Unique Products

23 years in the natural skincare industry

In 2001, our founders, Amy and Jimmy Wong, saw a need for more options in natural skincare products.  With extensive knowledge in the wellness, health and beauty sector, they set out to formulate products that would meet their needs as well as others, and Viva Health Skincare was born.

Our primary mission from inception to now is to offer natural facial products to celebrate every skin type and deliver goodness in every bottle. 

Good for our skin and our Earth.

The Man Behind the Brand, Jimmy Wong

Jimmy Wong, the chemical guru behind the formulation of Viva Health’s skincare line, has a background in mechanical and electronic engineering. Having worked on medical and spa equipment for many years before starting Viva Health, Jimmy understood the medical aesthetic industry well. Seeing the high cost and the deficiencies in the industry, Jimmy knew and saw a gap for better products.

However, it wasn’t until his teenage daughter was faced with a serious acne condition, he used his experience and knowledge to create a formula that would help her and eventually became the foundation of the Viva Health skincare line. Viva Health skincare is unique and effective using leading-edge formulations that focus on using a clean water system, combined with western and eastern herbs and technology.

Jimmy is proud that his formulation has helped his daughter and is now being used by many others who are benefiting from his research and hard work.