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Eczema: A Healing Journey Q&A

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 Eczema is a skin condition that affects thousands of people, affecting not just their skin, but also their lifestyle and self esteem. However, eczema is not a condition that people have to face alone, there are different ways to learn and best manage the conditions.

Learn how Christina Dieu, an eczema warrior, has treated her eczema successfully, improving her lifestyle and life quality.

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Can you describe your eczema? What does it look like? Feels like? Where is it found on your body?

"My eczema is dry, itchy, and scaly. It feels like rough skin and almost like what a reptile would feel like but not as rough. In some cases it can get pretty hard in parts of its healing phases. My eczema is pretty much all over my body. In some places like my neck, arms, and legs it is more prominent."

What causes your eczema to flare up?

"My diet is very important and when I am eating inflammatory foods it can cause my eczema to flare. I generally don’t do any meats, gluten, or dairy. Stress can also cause my eczema to flare up."

Did you have this from a young age? 

"I’ve had eczema since I was a child."

How has your eczema affected your lifestyle?

"My condition can be debilitating when it is at its worst. I am learning to except myself and love myself as I am. I am doing everything in my power to avoid it from flaring up through mindfulness, diet, working out, meditation, and just overall awareness of the root cause. I am also working with a natural pathic doctor to help me heal from the gut and inside out."

Can you share with us a few things that have helped?

"I find that my diet is a major contributing factor to my healing process. Cutting out meats, inflammatory foods, gluten, and dairy has been super helpful. I am following a Pitta pacifying diet which is an Ayurvedic approach.

I also started using the Zen Cream from Viva and it has been amazing. It is 100% natural, it does not have chemicals that can be harmful for someone who is already suffering from a skin condition. The Zen Cream has been super alleviating and soothing"

What have you done or changed recently that has made a difference in your skin?

"I have been practicing more mindfulness, meditation, and yoga and just overall general health and fitness. Because working out and all of the above helps with my stress, it also helps with my eczema not flaring up."

What advice can you provide for others that may be going through the same thing and best practices to soothe or prevent flare ups?

"I feel really blessed that I have a lot of resources and great people in my life that are helping me on this healing journey. I would say the most important thing is healing your gut as I do believe the root cause of eczema comes from an unhealthy digestive system. I am working with my naturopathic doctor on this and it has really helped. Another huge thing I would say is focusing on one’s mental health and alleviating stress as much as you can. Stress can be a huge trigger and it can perpetuate eczema flare ups. I highly recommend listening to healing frequency tones, practicing breath work and yoga, and just self-love really."

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