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Thinking of making the switch to a Natural Skincare Routine?

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Natural skincare is becoming more popular amongst mindful consumers. If you think about it, daily you are probably already pretty wary about the toxins you ingest or are surrounded by in your home. 

So why not be as conscious when it comes to your everyday skincare routine?

After all, your skin is your largest organ, working continuously to protect you from chemicals and bacteria. Anything topically applied to your skin will be absorbed into your system; so applying products that contain chemicals is pretty counterproductive to your health. Switching to natural skincare can dramatically overhaul your wellbeing.

A common misconception about natural skincare is that the products are not as powerful and it’s the chemicals that make the products work. This is simply not true. When products are formulated properly they are highly effective. Natural skincare avoids chemicals like parabens, which can be very harsh and sensitize the skin, the skin can become brittle, cracked, red, painful and develop rashes. This is certainly something to avoid. Besides, there are far too many positives to switching to a natural routine.

Let's start with the environmental factors, synthetic chemicals have the potential to harm animals and plants- should the products drain into the ground, they could have devastating consequences on the surrounding ecosystems. Natural ingredients cause no harm to animals, whereas chemical farming contributes heavily to environmental contamination. Global warming is a serious issue right now and is highly impacted by the non-organic cosmetic industry.

Support sustainable farming and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing all-natural ingredients.

The natural skincare industry does not need to test on animals, you’d think that this would no longer be a concern, but it unfortunately still exists in the cosmetic industry.

Thinking back to ancient times, there were no means of mining chemicals in factories, ancient Greeks used milk and honey as facial masks and exfoliated with olives. Search up homemade skincare remedies and you’ll see these ingredients commonly mentioned. That’s because they work, and history knows best.

Here at Viva, we do intensive research to ensure the sustainable sourcing of our ingredients and we work directly with manufacturers across the world to integrate high-quality ingredients.

So, switching to a natural beauty routine will help save the planet, be less toxic to your body and aid in the demise of animal testing. Whilst also providing you with the necessary nutrients that won’t inflame your skin. The majority of natural skincare providers also tend to be fair trade, sustainable and be zero waste. It can be overwhelming to think of the best means of reducing your carbon footprint but starting small and making every day switches is a great place to start.

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