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Why should you wear sunscreen everyday?

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Who’s guilty of just applying sunscreen only during the summer months? We’re not pointing any fingers here, but we’re sure many of you would probably fail this little test. Here’s a little reality check: you should be wearing sunscreen come rain or shine. Ultraviolet rays, that cause sun damage to the skin and may lead to skin cancer, are independent of cold or hot weather and aren’t blocked by clouds. If sunscreen isn’t a part of your daily skin care routine, because of dreadful memories in your youth of sticky thick lotion leaving an infamous white cast, we’ve got amazing news for you!

Introducing our newest and perhaps best launch ever, the new Solis Mineral Lotion! This lotion is a fast absorbing, light weight and leaves absolutely ZERO white cast! Say goodbye to thick chalky lotions! We’ve formulated the perfect lotion that will have you questioning where this has been all your life, especially as a young kid playing in the outdoors!

Formulated with 20% Zinc Oxide offering, not only an antimicrobial and non comedogenic (non-pore clogging) benefit, but it also acts as an exceptionally effective shield against the sun and prevents against burns and damage. As this lotion is completely chemical free, it is perfect all skin types and users of all ages!

Through trial and many errors, we have perfected the formula for a smooth, silky and translucent texture making it easy to wear, easy to blend and easy to incorporate in your everyday routine, applied as your last step or just under makeup. One drawback of a physical sunscreen is that they tend to leave a white cast/layer on the top of skin, but we can assure you, with our advanced technology and precise formulation, no one would be able to notice the difference between the Solis Mineral Lotion and any conventional product on the market.

Enjoy your new must-have product today!

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