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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine for Springtime

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With the last few months of cold, frigid, and dry weather, let us finally say hello to the warm and refreshing spring weather! So long cold days and good riddance to dry, itchy skin! Colder dreary winter days tend to mean layers of serums and oils to ensure our skin retains its natural moisture. As warmer, humid days are ahead, here a few ways to prep your skin for the perfect glow all season long, no matter your skin type:

Exfoliate away flaky skin

It’s time to slough away dull tired skin and blocked pores by using a gentle exfoliator to reveal a bright healthy complexion underneath! Certain exfoliators can be abrasive by not only striping the skin of its physical moisture barrier, but it can also create invisible microtears that can promote skin damage and other issues such as redness and inflammation that can cause sensitivity and irritation. Our Viva Health Skincare Amaze Exfoliating Gel is a gentle smooth exfoliator that can be used every day, depending on your skin type. We recommend for sensitive skin to exfoliate 2-3 times per week.  Made with ginger root, ginseng, white tea and hyaluronic acid, this gel lifts and removes dead skin cells from the surface. When we say lifts and removes, quite literally this gel does exactly that! While massaging the smooth cool gel in circular motions, smalls bead of dead skin cells begin to form and flake yesterday’s problems, reveal polished radiant skin. Our little miracle in jar!

Swapping to a lightweight regime

Sunny days mean our skin can typically retain its natural moisture more easily, requiring lighter layers of hydration. This is especially true if spending more time outdoors is your go-to. By creating these light layers with your skincare routine, you create a light moisture barrier that is just as effective. A simple way to do so is by using our Aromatherapy Facial Toner as a mist that’s packed with nourishing ingredients for the skin. Our mist infused with calendula and lavender water, rose oil extract, and witch hazel, restores your skin’s PH and improves skin tone. Follow it up with our Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, packed with antioxidants, this serum is a water-soluble and holds 1000x times its weight in water.  It is all about nourishing your skin with effective and powerful ingredients, and highlighting your dewy glow nourishing your skin with what it needs during the warmer weather. 3 words: hydration, hydration, hydration!

Switch your Eye Cream

Warm heat and sunlight beaming on your face, but find yourself squinting even through your shades? If premature fine lines and crows feet are your concern, ensure to apply a pea-size amount of our Firming Eye Cream infused with green tea extract and cucumber to plump and firm the delicate skin area.


Keep it simple! Simplifying your morning and night skincare routine with products containing powerful superfood ingredients are essential when seasons change. However, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is to spring-clean; not throwing away expired products or washing away dirt off your make up brushes often is the perfect breeding ground for yeast and bad bacteria that no one wants! Overall healthy habits also play a vital role by nourishing your body inside and out. Remember by applying a non-toxic natural UV protection, exercising regularly, and consuming nutrients that are perfect you mean it is perfect for your skin.

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