Chinese Rejuvenating Skin Secret: Peach Resin

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Peach resin or also widely known as peach gum, peach blossom tears, or the scientific name "Prunus Persica", is rich in collagen and amino acid, a great source for making the skin look more youthful, supple, and taut. Typically found in traditional Chinese cuisine, this sweet reddish-brown gummy substance secreted from peach skin not only tastes amazing for your skin but can be combined in various concoctions and soup recipes to help heal and nourish the body internally. “Peach gum has multiple health benefits such as lowering fat, improving blood pressure, reducing high blood fat, and decreasing blood sugar. Also, peach gum is rich in antioxidants and has been known for improving
eyesight and relieving stress.” 1

As we age, our collagen production declines, therefore, making our skin appears duller losing its elasticity, joints become stiff, and our hair becomes more brittle. Collagen makes up for 1/3 of the human body and is the main protein for connective tissue. Increasing the collagen in your body improves mobility in the joints, strengthens and shines hair and nails, provides anti-aging benefits, and contributes to glowing plump, less wrinkle-prone skin.

This powerful ingredient can be found in our Collagen and Kojic Acid Cream, acting not only as vegan collagen, but instantly fading signs of aging by forming a protective barrier on the skin that retains water and activates cell proliferation. Additionally, it provides a moisturizing effect, antioxidant activity, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging activity. Isn’t that just peachy?!


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